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OMbooth ContentFeature Rich

OMbooth is built on an ever-updating platform that adds new features as fast as you can request them.

Fully Brandable

Every part of our process can be branded from the booth and screen graphics to the gallery and content.

Socially Connected

Users can share all of their content right on the OMbooth or later via email with pre-populated share copy.

Data Capture

We use a robust backend to track and collect data about where and when content is shared and viewed.

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Clippp Next-Generation Video Booth

Clippp is a moment sharing tool making it easy and enjoyable to create and share signature looping videos that look like they were filmed in the studio and share them instantly to social media. Clippp for OMbooth captures the moments in-between.

Learn More The Classic Photobooth

Take beautiful portrait shots and create unique layouts for your printouts. Our team will take your collateral and produce an on-brand experience built around your activation. If you prefer to produce everything in-house, we keep an extensive library of templates for your team to use for quick turn-around.

Vanity Fair PhotoboothEvian Animated GIF Animated GIF Booth

Take as many pictures as you want per session and we'll produce a branded custom printout and convert those images into a branded animated GIF. You can control the speed of animation and have both a background and foreground animation moving independently. We also convert every GIF into an Instagram friendly video format before sending to the user.

Bespoke Video

Have the OMbooth ask your users questions or capture their incredible moments during your activation with bespoke lighting and crisp sound. We record at whatever frame rate and resolution you want for your intended purposes, including Instagram. Users are sent a copy of their videos instantly via a branded HTML email.

Your browser does not support the video tag. Evian Animated GIF Silent Films

Stylized looping videos. Take brief moments and make them infinite through unique videos that play back and forth to create a perpetual looping effect.

DubSync Videos

Create a unique lip-sync battle or dub in the house audio at your venue to create a more immersive video booth with concise sound. Perfect for getting your brand trending with properly formatted videos sent direct to your users by way of a branded HTML email.

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353 S Clarence St, Unit C
Los Angeles, CA 90033

67 35th Street C347 / C349
Brooklyn, NY 11232

52 O St NW Unit 106
Washington, DC 20001

Kungsholms Strand 171
112 48 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 734 001 543


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You are incredible gif
You are incredible gif

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